Recommended Browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer. Be sure to use the most updated version of your browser.

Enrolling in a Course:

Purchase the course online, then follow the directions below to complete enrollment and access the course in the learning portal. The directions below are also included in the order summary email the purchaser received.

Each course participant MUST have an account in the Emerson Learning Portal to enroll in a classroom or online course. You will need the following information to complete the process:

1. Name of course participant(s)
2. Email of course participant(s)
3. Course subscription code—the course subscription code for each course can be found in the order summary.

Course Participant Directions:

  1. Go to the portal homepage:
  2. If you do not have an existing learning portal account, click "Register Here" and complete the process.
  3. After registering in the learning portal, login to your account.
  4. When logged in, you should be on the "My Dashboard" screen. Enter the course subscription code into the box. If you do not see the course subscription box, navigate to the upper left menu and choose "My Dashboard."
  5. Enter the subscription code for your course and hit confirm. If you purchased several courses, enter each code separately, hitting confirm after each entry.
  6. Using the upper left menu icon, choose "My Courses" to see your enrolled courses

Step-by-Step Directions to enroll in a course after purchase: View Document 

Subscription Code Tips

1. Type in the code carefully. Letters and numbers can look similar.

2. If you are already enrolled in the course, the system will return an "invalid code" error message. To check if you are already enrolled in a course, hover over the menu button in the top left corner and choose "My Courses" from the list. "My Courses" contains all of your currently enrolled courses.

3. Be sure there are no spaces before or after the code when you type or paste it into the subscription code box. The system detects a space as a character and will return an "invalid code" message.


Can I complete my courses on my mobile phone or tablet?

Once enrolled in a course, you can view and complete the course on your mobile device.

Please note that due to browser compatibility issues and Google/Apple limitations, some features are best viewed on a laptop or desktop computer.

Note about mobile: We have received notice that a handful of mobile phones do not display the registration fields properly. This is due to a limitation from the mobile device. Please complete your registration on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. You will then be able to view courses on your mobile phone.

I enrolled in a course and can see it in "My Courses" but it won't play, what should I do?

This is most likely because your computer's browser is not up-to-date. To update your browser, visit the site of the browser you are using and download the latest version.

How do I know what browser and version I am running on my computer?

Visit this site to see what browser you are using: